Everything Is New


Photographer: Benny Horne @ Community.NYC
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance
Model: Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn New York.
Shut your eyes and ask, ‘who do I want to be?’ Or maybe you want to stay who you are. Either way, go out and meet the world you live in. Be inspired by the past but live in your time in history.
Just like the call sheets for the models at Araks before they walked said: “You know it already.
Enjoy. You are free.”
This quote and the photoshoot with Eniko Mihalik in the latest edition of RUSSH encompasses everything I’ve always believed about fashion. And life in general. For all our eccentricities, for all our quirks and qualms and imperfections, we all have the gift and ability to be whoever we want to be. We can be something. We can be everything. The only thing we can’t be is nothing.  
I was inspired to finally start my own blog by this photoshoot and the philosophy behind it. It has elegance and beauty, yet also a rawness and honesty to it, and carries so many themes that it’s almost too much to absorb all at once. But that’s what makes it so great – it holds nothing back, and uses every influence its creators could gather into one story.
This will be my philosophy also.
Be everything you want to be.
And wear whatever the hell you want.
To see the entire shoot, check out http://www.russhmagazine.com/ .